About the Author

Born and raised in Paris, Didier Guérin obtained a law degree from the University of Paris and completed his education in the US with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Michigan State University.

In an unrivalled career spanning over 40 years, Didier Guérin has launched over 40 magazines and websites (including VOGUE, ELLE, GRAZIA) in the US, Australia and in ten countries in Asia. Initially as a junior and senior executive with a French company (Hachette-Filipacchi), then an American company (Condé Nast) and subsequently as an entrepreneur with clients from Italy (Mondadori), Germany (Burda), France (Figaro, Marie Claire) and the US (Hearst).

Didier Guérin describes his business experience after travelling 300 times to China, and making 220 trips to South Korea, 200 trips to Japan and more than 100 trips to other Asian countries. Didier Guérin reminisces about the highs and lows of the glamourous life travelling the world, wining and dining with the rich and famous people of the fashion and media industries in the world’s leading restaurants and hotels.

But it’s not always glamourous. Didier Guérin also candidly exposes the challenge of starting his own company (“when your best friends of yesterday do not return your calls”), being away from the family frequently to the joy of becoming independent and financially successful.

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